We are pleased to announce the online open access publication of the FOIS 2020 proceedings on the IOS Press site, with the papers below.

There is no live event in 2020, but the authors of these papers will be invited to participate in FOIS 2021 with the option to present their papers.

I. Foundations

Pawel Garbacz. An analysis of the debate over structural universals.

Fumiaki Toyoshima. Foundations for Ontology of Persistence: Beyond Talk of Temporal Parts.

Patryk Burek, Frank Loebe and Heinrich Herre. Towards GFO 2.0: Architecture, Modules and Applications.

Pablo Fillottrani and C. Maria Keet. An analysis of commitments in ontology language design.

II. Social Entities

Cristine Griffo, João Paulo Andrade Almeida and Giancarlo Guizzardi. Legal Theories and Judicial Decision-Making: An Ontological Analysis.

Haythem Ismail and Merna Shafie. A Commonsense Theory of Secrets.

Carmen Chui, Michael Gruninger and Janette Wong. An Ontology for Formal Models of Kinship.

Emilio Sanfilippo, Perrine Pittet and Béatrice Markhoff. Ontological analysis and modularization of CIDOC-CRM.

III: Intentionality and Embodiment

Luca Biccheri, Roberta Ferrario and Daniele Porello. Needs and intentionality – An ontological analysis and an application to public services.

Fumiaki Toyoshima, Adrien Barton and Olivier Grenier. Foundations for an Ontology of Belief, Desire and Intention.

Mihai Pomarlan and John Bateman. Embodied functional relations: a formal account combining abstract logical theory with grounding in simulation.

IV. Parts and Wholes

Michael Gruninger, Carmen Chui, Yi Ru and Jona Thai. A Mereology for Connected Structures.

Claudio Masolo, Laure Vieu, Roberta Ferrario, Stefano Borgo and Daniele Porello. Collectives, Composites and Pluralities.

Adrien Barton, Fumiaki Toyoshima, Laure Vieu, Paul Fabry and Jean-Francois Ethier. The mereological structure of informational entities.

C. Maria Keet. The computer program as a functional whole.

V. Methods

Shirly Stephen and Torsten Hahmann. On Externally Verifying FOL Ontologies: A Study of Two Spatial Ontologies.

Mattia Fumagalli, Gabor Bella, Samuele Conti and Fausto Giunchiglia. Ontology-Driven Cross-Domain Transfer Learning.